One of the creative fields is studio recording for songs/songwriters which have a need for Spanish guitar sound with nylon strings. Composing can be done by me, or I can play something already written (change it if required) depending on the situation. In continuation there are several examples of usage of this kind of guitar:

– Example 1: Ballade with arpeggio – most frequent usage of Spanish guitar in ballads.

– Example 2: Pop, hit ‘n’ strum – technique being used in a large number of songs.

– Example 3: Pop, solo – guitar leading the main theme in the song (two voices).

– Example 4: Pop, solo, chords, arpeggio – you can hear three guitar possibilities.

– Example 5: Rumba – classic example inspired by Gypsy Kings with rhythm and solo.

– Example 6: Samba – typical latino sound with interesting rhythms and bright chords.

– Example 7: Live recording from the talent show “Nikad nije kasno” (It is never too late). Hear the whole performance here .