When we walk the roads, we meet. We meet the history, we meet people. When we meet people, we share. We share the words of today and tomorrow that is yet to come. When we share, we sing. We sing of love, and sorrow and everything that is human. We meet, share and sing. And when people meet and words cross – that is Kalem.

Kalem is an ensemble which plays traditional music of Balkan peninsula dressed in new clothes. Its beauty is in simplicity and the idea it carries:Bring modern man to the cultural heritage which guarded by these lands.

Stefan Ilić

… is a singer, violinist and composer who went to school for musical talents in Cuprija where he showed affection towards creative work while at the youngest age. After high school, he moves to Kragujevac where he finishes his studies at the music academy after which he starts his career in several different ensembles of classical and traditional music. Since 2008 he plays in the folk orchestra of Aleksandar Sofronijevic with whom he performs more than hundred times in the biggest concert halls in the region, western Europe and Australia. In the year 2017 he is starting his personal project of revitalization of traditional music from Balkan peninsula and, together with Dusan Popovic Lipovac, he establishes the ensemble with the name Kalem (wood coil).

Biography of Dušan Popović Lipovac can be read here.